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Pizza Restaurants

In the city of Scottsdale, there have been many people that have transplanted themselves to the valley. Bringing Pizza restaurants with them, many of these transplants came from New York with an upbringing that was about how to make a delicious Pizza. The city has numerous chain restaurants that cater to Chicago style and New York style Pizza, however, there are a few Pizza parlors that are single shops that are the cream of the crop in Arizona.

Patsy Grimaldi’s Pizzeria located at 4000 N Scottsdale Rd in Scottsdale is arguably the best pizza parlor in the state of Arizona. It has been rated the top pizzeria spot in the Zagat survey for seven years in a row and with good reason. The secret is its massive coal-fired brick ovens, which give the pizzas their distinctive look, taste and texture. Those 25 ton ovens are filled with 250 pounds of coal and reach 1,200 degrees. They cook thin-crust pies in less than three minutes. Grimaldi’s Scottsdale place is like nostalgic Italian restaurants from the ’50s and ’60s, right down to the red-checked tablecloths, celebrity autographed photos and Italian-American crooners singing oldies on the sound system. Portions are generous, which means a small 16-inch pizza will easily feed two people. The large 18-inch pizza is humongous.

Pizza Picazzo located at 7325 E Frank Lloyd Wright in Scottsdale has enjoyed such huge success with multiple locations in the Valley. You can order from a long list of specialty pizzas ranging from Carbonara and Puttanesca pies to Thai chicken and the classic vegetarian Margherita. Blending pizza with art, Pizza Picazzo also gives you a chance to express your own individual artistic side. Design your own pizza from seven unique sauces, nine varieties of cheese and 35 toppings ranging from the traditional to avant-garde. The long menu also features delectable appetizers such as Brie with roasted garlic and fresh gourmet salads like pear and gorgonzola. Lunch fare consists of pizza by the slice and lunch combos that include a fresh salad.

Grazie located in Old town Scottsdale at 6952 E Main St is getting a lot of attention from all sorts of clientele including pizza buffs and late-nighters to wine connoisseurs The renovated cottage with colorfully painted walls seats only 90 people, making it even more desirable to those with a fondness for exclusive locales. For wine aficionados, it’s the big selection of reasonably priced Italian wines, available by the glass and bottle. Grazie is a major boon to the gourmet pizza scene, with bargain-priced, wood-fired beauties that compete with anything in Phoenix. They are well known for their Bubbly, thin-crust pizzas and calzones are the centerpieces to the short menu.